Cycling Jerseys: Race Cut vs Club Cut

Club Cut - A more generous ‘North American’ fit being roomier in the arms, chest and also slightly longer. More relaxed fit.
Race Cut - A more traditional European tailored cut that is tighter, shorter and closer fitting. More aerodynamic.

NOTE - Apex+ Jerseys are more of a "Euro" pro cut. Slightly more narrow than Race cut.


What is the difference between Tech vs Performance vs Apex

Tech Performance Apex

If you are looking for the entry level garment with the right fit.
These garments are designed for beginners looking for great features.

Tech is intended for beginners looking for comfort and quality.

If you are looking for fast, technical, and comfortable do-it-all garments.
These premium garments cater to the more focused athlete designed specifically to be a close fit for optimal performance.

The best balance between performance, quality, and comfort.

If you want the best, most technical, quick dry and fastest aerodynamic kit.
The epitome of custom garment technology, these garments are designed to be form fitting and snug specifically for race conditions.

Apex is intended for athletes who want the best in construction, fabrics and results.


What is the standard inseam length?

The length position will vary dependent on user. As a general guide, Champion System's standard inseam length aims to be roughly 3/4 down the thigh.  (The long length option is extended by 1.5 inches)


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What forms of payment are accepted

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